Wiring Recommendation :

If your unit is equipped with an optional insert point on the side chain, which increases the amount of “places" where the output of the Fairchild can go to, please be aware of the fact that the Insert send is simply the FAIRCHILD output, and that any Valve unit that uses output transformers gets usually damaged if you run the signal into a short. So you must therefore be very careful with your cabling and make sure all your XLR connections are all OK and tested before using your unit. You must also make sure to use a proper Balanced connections to avoid any degradation of the FAIRCHILD output when using the inserts, especially on semi-pro mixing desks.


Do not patch, insert or plug any bantam or jacks whilst the unit is playing music through, some patch-bays can momentarily short the signal when inserting a Bantam which could destroy the output transformer as explained above.

A lot of modern Patch-Bay can be configured easily with normalised or isolated contacts by simply moving jumpers around or linking a few solder points. Please make sure that you check how your Patch-Bay is configured before you install your FAIRCHILD. If you choose to have the top row as your outputs and the bottom one as your inputs(or vice-versa), please make sure not to use any normalising at all, otherwise your unit will be looping on itself and it could damage it.

Bantam PatchBay