The FAIRCHILD 670 mkII is equipped with a Mix Control which allows you to set a perfect balance between the compressed signal and the original non-compressed input signal.
Some people call it the Wet / Dry control.


To avoid confusion, and to keep maximum flexibility, the FAIRCHILD 670 mkII has two sets of stereo Outputs :

1. The Classic 670 out, straight from the Transformer Output

2. A Mix Out which is the blended Output from the MIX control.
The Mix control goes gradually from input (equivalent to being in a Bypass situation) to Output (equivalent to the standard classic 670mkII Out)

Audio connections
See also Back Panel page for more details


The MIX Out is fully protected against bad unbalancing, momentary shorts or unwanted 48V, not the normal OUTPUT, which is the classic unprotected 670 OUT.