Special thanks to :
( in Chronological order )

Michael Ilbert at
HANSA Studio, Mix Room, Germany

Terry Britten at State of the Ark Studio, UK

Jimmy Hogarth at HOXA HQ Studios, UK

Gareth Johnson at Stand Alone Productions, UK

Paul Barton at ITV Studios and ITV, UK

Hubert Montoya at
Studio de la Chine, France

George Apsion at KORE Studios, UK

David Hill and Jorg Mohaupt at
Bradford Music, UK

Johanz Westerman at
Eclipz Media, Netherlands

John Moon Martin, USA

Paul Epworth at The Church Studios, UK

Paul Godfrey at Morcheeba, UK

Ricky Ren, UK

Rob Grant at
Poons Head Studios, Australia

Antonin at Rock Media, CZECH Republic

Terry O’Neill, UK

Dave Lynch at Echo Zoo Studios, UK

Devin Powers at
Powers Music Company, USA

Oscar Ball at Otter-Recordings, UK

Tom Fleming, USA

David at
Chale Abbey Studio, UK

Tom Rowlands at Chemical Brothers, UK

Richard Lecoeur, France

Fred Mostacci at Studio le Nid Perche, France

Kevin Ryan at
Recording the Beatles, USA

Tim Baker, USA

Joss Worthington, UK

Leonard Fong, Singapore

Bill at
ICP Studios, Belgium

Ben Wang at
SeaSide Mastering Studio de la mer, Taiwan

Carlo at

Robert at BOYONA MASTERING, Puerto Rico

Bernie Leadon, USA

Sammy Kannis at Alchemy Music Group, Australia

Chris Rondinella at Heritage Recording Co. USA

Ol Beach at Electric Pyramid, UK

Jose Luis Chicote at Round Sound, Spain

Matt Ross-Spang, USA

Margus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Sweden

Keith Banning at
Grange Recorders, USA

James Guthrie and Roger Waters from Pink Floyd


10% of our Customers who bought a 670 mkI or a 670 mkII bought a second machine !

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